So not really knowing what to write, here's a brief overview of what I've been doing. I work in animation and visual effects, most of my career has been as a generalist working in broadcast and commercials in Bristol. I moved to London a few years ago to work in film which I'm now doing at MPC (via a stint in their commercials dept), I'm there as a Lighting TD which means I get to focus on one area which has been a real eye opener. In commercials and broadcast the turnaround is so quick that you do the best you can in the time available, in film you keep doing something again and again until everyone is happy.

After working with lots of people that were talking in f-stops and focal lengths and nodding along like I knew what they meant I thought it was a good idea I bought a proper camera and learn. That was 5 or 6 years ago and after having the latest and greatest fanciest DSLR someone leant me a film camera (an Olympus OM4 ) and I was hooked. From then on I've been slowly regressing to simpler cameras and home development with occasional visits to Chats Palace darkroom for wet printing. I mainly shoot Ilford FP4+ and HP5 and develop in ilfotec HC or Rodinal. Subject matter is wide and varied, landscapes, buildings, people, the odd event or occasion. I don't know if I have a style but am enjoying learning and the process.

I've also recently taken up ceramics. A housemate was doing some promotional work for a studio in Hoxton called Turning Earth. She needed some photos taken for a blog so I went along and got to see the place and have a taster session. I enjoyed the first few go's so did a 6 week introduction course where we got to try out different techniques. After that I became a member and have been slowly learning from the mentors, other members and YouTube. Again no idea on a style, its very much early days and for fun. It does mean I've always got a stock of presents for birthdays or weddings.

If you read through the above waffle I'm impressed, I probably wouldn't have. Someone said its important to have some words on your website, not just pictures, something to do with Google and SEO's.