Eastbourne with a Pano Holga by Martin Blunden

and the start of another project

So my Holga 120 Pan arrived the other day, a bargain at £37 off ebay. Its a toy camera that shoots massive 6x12cm panoramic negatives. The lens is made out of plastic and is terrible, the body light leaks and the thing feels like its about to fall apart at any minute, but its a fun camera to use and a really cheap way to start shooting 6x12. A proper film back runs to around £300 and complete 6x12 cameras normally start around £1500.

The plan is to chop the front end off and mount a 90mm large format lens on a focusing helicoid. There's several examples online showing what other people have done and it doesn't look that hard. Just keeping an eye out now for a cheap Schnieder Angulon or a Graflex Optar then I can get started.

Below are some shots taken with the standard plastic lens, a fairly overcast day in Eastbourne heading along the prom and up onto the downs. Pretty happy with these for a first outing and getting used to the camera. Shot on HP5+ at box speed, developed in Rodinal.